At Heavy Haul Trucking our goal is to help you with your heavy load, connecting you to the best trucking services and providing you with the information, the quotes and everything else you need when it comes to heavy hauling. We don’t actually do any of the hauling ourselves, but we make sure that you only work with the very best, ensuring your freight arrives safely and on time.

Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking

What is heavy haul trucking? Heavy haul trucking is a specialized industry. It’s not like hiring a van to help you move home. It requires a certain level of skill, experience and professionalism. You need a company that has a fleet of trucks capable of fulfilling your needs; a company that is fully insured just in case something goes wrong; a company willing to work to your needs; and a company that can fit within your budget.

You could spend your time trawling through Google to find all of that. But there’s no way of knowing just why one company is better than another, and just which one suits your needs. That’s where we come in.

Heavy Hauling Versus Flatbed Hauling

So, when is a heavy haul a heavy haul? Well, each state has a certain set of requirements which defines what is and is not a “legal haul”. Once it goes beyond a certain classification, then a special permit is needed.

And for this, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. If you’re not sure, your chosen company will be able to help you. They will look to define whether a haul is a heavy haul or a flatbed haul before they take on the job. In order to do this, they will study the following parameters, which are defined by the state:

Weight: For a haul to be considered “overweight”, it must weigh over 80,000lbs.

Length: The length requirements differ from state to state. To read more about this and other fine details, view our page on Heavy Haul Oversize Legal Dimensions.

Height: As with length, this differs from state to state and can be seen in full on the above link. However, in most cases the height is 13 foot 6 inches.

Width: The width must be over 8 foot 6 inches.

Non-Reducible: In all of the above cases, the haul must be non-reducible for it to be classed as a heavy haul (also known as an “over dimension”, as it falls outside of the legal dimensions). This essentially means that it must not be possible for you to reduce the size or the weight of the shipment.

Why You Need Professional Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Truck Hauling

A professional hand is needed to ensure a professional job is completed. Heavy hauling is a world apart from flatbed hauling. A professional will understand the differences and will be able to work within the confines of the law, while ensuring the safe transit of your goods. A professional heavy hauler will provide you with all of the following:

Permits and Escort Requirements

Each load requires a special permit before it can be sent. These permits differ depending on the state, and they can even change from county to county. You are not required to understand these laws or to provide for them, as your trucking company will do that.

The same goes for escort requirements. These specify that a vehicle must ride along with the truck, keeping it in sight at all times. This way they can reduce potential problems with the load that can not be seen by the driver, as well as problems with the road and other cars. They are there for the safety of the driver, the load and everyone else they pass on their journey.


Heavy Haul Trucking Professionals

Each job undergoes a strict set of protocols, with every step carefully measured and considered. The goal of a heavy truck hauling company is not just to get your goods at their point of arrival quickly, but also to ensure the safety of those goods, the person transporting them, and the drivers that may drive in the proximity of them.

There is a lot at stake, and not just for you. If something goes wrong, you’ll probably lose valuable merchandise. But they could be responsible for deaths and serious damage, and their business could be harmed as a result. Because of this, a great deal of care and attention is paid to ensure complete safety.


Your heavy hauling company will study each load, taking into account the size, the length of the journey and the local laws in order to determine the best equipment for the job. The best hauling companies will have a number of Flatbed, Dropdecks, Double Drops and other vehicles on hand. You can study our Heavy Haul Trucking Trucks page to learn more about the trucks and equipment used.

Why Choose Heavy Haul Trucking?

So, what makes us so special? Well, we’ve already discussed the importance of experience, and that’s what we provide. The Heavy Haul Trucking team consists of professional men with experience in the hauling industry. We understand what it takes to make it to the top, we understand the needs of customers, and we also know what makes the companies tick.

In a specialized industry such as this, there is a gap between the customer and the company, one filled with uncertainty. It is our goal to bridge that gap, to connect the two and to ensure that they both benefit from the experience. From the customer’s point of view, we can help you to find a quote that is well within your means and gives you exactly what you need. We can make sure you work with a company who understands your specific requirements, knows the rules and regulations of your county and, in many cases, has worked with countless customers like you in the past.

At Heavy Haul Trucking, we take the stress out of finding a heavy hauling company. We help you to get from point A to point B in just a few clicks, leaving the company you choose to take your load over the same distance.

So, feel free to peruse our site some more and to learn about more about this industry, the companies we work with and the services they offer.

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