Heavy Haul Trucking

If you’re looking for highly specialised, low-cost hauling, then look no further. At Heavy Haul Trucking we have helped countless customers with their oversize hauling needs, connecting them to carriers that promise to safely transport their goods from A to B.

Whatever you need to ship and wherever you need to ship it, Heavy Haul Trucking can help. As well as connecting you to the best oversize hauling carriers and the cheapest hauling quotes, Heavy Haul Trucking also contains a wealth of information on this industry. You can learn about the trucks that will transport your goods; the laws that will dictate their movements; the protocols in place to ensure the job is done safely; and much more.

So, welcome to Heavy Haul Trucking, where your goods are always in safe hands.

Heavy Haul Trucking

To learn more about the work we do here on Heavy Haul Trucking, just visit our About Us page. Here you will find information on what we do, what makes us unique and much more. You can also use the links at the top of this page to browse the Heavy Haul Trucking website and to learn about us and the oversize trucking industry, while also getting an affordable quote for all your hauling needs.

Heavy Haul Trucking Specialities

Heavy Haul Trucking TrucksSo, what makes Heavy Haul Trucking special; why should you invest your time and energy with us? Well, not only do we work with the biggest haulage carriers, carrying all kinds of loads through great and small distances, but we also offer the following:

  • Heavy Haul Trucking and Transport: Our services range from basic to advanced, and we can help with any job, no matter how unique.
  • Oversize Load Transport: We specialize in oversize transport, and understand the oversize escort laws and the oversize regulations of each state.
  • Boat Hauling and Yacht Transport: We can ship your boat to or from the coast, perfect whether you’re buying, selling or moving.
  • Military Vehicle Shipping: Our heavy haul trucking trucks can handle vehicles of all sizes.
  • Jet Engine Transportation: Jet engines are delicate and huge, a combination that requires an experienced hand and a trustworthy service, which is where Heavy Haul Trucking comes in.
  • Same Day and Next Day Freight Shipping: We can work as quickly as you need us to, offering next day freight shipping where possible.
  • Container Shipping and Transport: We provide a range of trailers capable of shipping containers great distances.
  • Hazmat Shipping: If you have dangerous or flammable goods to ship, we can make sure they arrive safely, while making sure all permits are acquired and all regulations are followed.
  • Produce and Temperature Controlled Shipping: Need to ship fresh or frozen produce great distances? We can help to ensure that your goods arrive safely and at the right temperature, with trucks that can be set at a range of temperatures and will hold that temperature regardless of the length of the journey.
  • Helicopter, Aerial Drone and Aircraft Transport: If you have an expensive craft, then you need to trust in an experienced carrier.
  • Turbine, and Propulsion Shaft Transportation: Heavy Haul Trucking can assist with even the most awkward of loads and we promise never to turn a load down.
  • Construction Equipment Shipping: We can help you to ship all kinds of construction equipment.

Heavy Haul Trucking Trucks:

Heavy Haul Trucking

On our Trucks page you can learn more about the trucks and the equipment used in this industry. To give you an idea of the kind of equipment that we can offer you, take a look below:


These trailers are made to accommodate large loads and can be altered to cater for different freights.


Simply put, a “Multi-Axle” is a truck that has multiple axles. In most cases, the bigger the load, the more axles you will need. That’s because axles support weight. However, as discussed in our Oversize Legal Dimensions page, multiple axles and big loads could cause you a few problems.


These unique trucks can help with specialized jobs and routes. The trailers can be steered just like the tractors that carry them, which allows the driver to take them down difficult roads and through tight turns.

Beam Trailers

Loading and shipping large beams can be a nightmare unless you have the right equipment, which is where these speciality trailers come into play. These are an essential component of any long-haul fleet, and one that provides an essential service to the construction industry.

Perimeter Trailers

Designed to safely ship tall loads over long distances, perimeter trailers are made so that the load can sit within the trailer’s frame, effectively holding it in place and limiting the risks associated with long-haul journeys.

Blade Trailers

These extendable, specialised trailers were created to ship wind tower blades. They are long and are designed to limit movement, as opposed to focusing on withstanding heavy loads.

More than 1,400 Stepdeck Trailers

Also known as Drop-Deck trailers, these common trailers are an essential part of any fleet. They allow for large and tall loads, with a deck that makes for easier loading and unloading.

Schnabel Trailers

These specialised trailers were designed to ship sections of wind towers and are perfectly equipped for the safe and fast transport of this equipment. The back of the trailer is steerable to manoeuvre tight turns.

Stepdecks with Ramps

Another popular trailer type, the ramps allow for the loading and unloading of vehicles, eliminating the need for cranes.

Flatbed and Stepdeck, Stretch Trailers

Regardless of the size or weight of the load, these trailers should be able to accommodate. An expert will be able to select the right Stepdeck Trailer for your needs, with stretch ones available to accommodate larger and longer loads.

Removable Goosenecks

Removable Gooseneck

Another common trailer and one that can assist with countless jobs. Removable Goosenecks typically go up to 48′ in length and the fact that they are detachable allows for specific configurations.

500 5-13 Axle RGN Units

These speciality, multi-axle trucks could be just what you need to shift an awkward and overweight load.

Lowboys with 40-80 Ton Capability

Lowboys allow for easy loading, and these sturdy Lowboys can assist with most oversize loads.

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